The Great Barn, Titchfield

The Great Barn in Titchfield, Hampshire, is a stunning venue steeped in history. With a gorgeous, renovated oak stage and raked seating for 100 guests the venue is beautiful. At the south side of the barn there is space for up to 120 guests for your reception. There are impressive beams adorning the ceiling which are absolutely magnificent. If you’re a theatre lover or performer just imagine having your wedding ceremony on the stage at The Great Barn.

I had the honour of meeting the lovely Sophie Brookes, Events Manager at The Great Barn, who showed me around. We both got rather excited about the possibilities of using an Independent Celebrant at the venue.

History of The Great Barn

It is believed that The Great Barn was built between 1408 and 1411, although renovations have been done throughout its time to keep it looking so beautiful and to preserve its history. It is the largest barn in Hampshire and is a great asset to our county.

Situated in “the heart of the Titchfield conservation area”, The Great Barn is next to the historic Titchfield Abbey. In 1410 Titchfield Abbey was under the authority of the Bishop of Winchester, who at the time was Henry Beaufort. Henry Beaufort was the uncle of Prince Henry, who later became King Henry V. It is thought that The Great Barn was built on the Abbey’s land to enable storage for supplies and provisions. These were then sent via ships from nearby ports to aid in the Hundred Years War between England and France.

Since then it has been repurposed into a glorious theatre and is often used for special events as well.

Weddings at The Great Barn

Picture this, you approach The Great Barn traveling up the long driveway in your vehicle of choice. All excited for the big day, you take a deep breath to calm your nerves. Observing the views of the luscious trees and greenery that lead up to the venue, you are ready for your big day.

As the music plays, you’re surrounded by friends and family, they and The Great Barn become the perfect backdrop to the happy memory being created. With one hundred guests sending their love and a partner there to take your hand, it’s time to take centre stage.

Time to celebrate you both!

Celebrant or Registrar

The Great Barn at Titchfield holds a marriage license and so you can have a legal marriage done by a registrar, however, registrars are limited to the script they are allowed to say within the service and it will be the same script for all other registrar weddings. You may be able to sprinkle personal touches with a reading or two by some loved ones but there are limits on what can be said.

If you decide, however, to have an Independent Celebrant led wedding you’ll have an entirely personalised, bespoke wedding. It will include your love story and will be all about you, written for you. If you choose me as your Independent Celebrant your wedding ceremony can look and feel exactly as you wish. You can include any religious or spiritual elements, for example, I can do that for you. If you would like a symbolic ceremony within your celebration, such as a handfasting, sand ceremony, crystal ceremony etc. we can do that too.

Your ceremony should be all about you, so let’s celebrate you!

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