Naming Ceremony

What is a Naming Ceremony?

The origins of naming ceremonies comes from introducing and welcoming a new member of a family into the community. It was a way of officially naming a baby amongst their family and friends and bringing them into the fold. These days it has many different meanings.  

During Naming Ceremonies people usually have personal stories about their journeys or about the person being celebrated. Poems or readings are often read or performed by the celebrant or by the key people in the celebration. There can also be a beautiful symbolic elements added in to give an extra special moment into the ceremony. 

Promises and commitments are often shared for the person being celebrated. Sometimes Guideparents, Supporting Adults or Godparents come forth to share their wishes. They can also express their commitment and support to the person being celebrated.

It is important to note that Independent Celebrant Led Ceremonies can include any type of wording. Independent Celebrants are not specifically assigned to any particular religion or belief system. Therefore, we are able to include any religious aspects or readings which is a wonderful addition for those who wish to use these.

Baby Naming

Families may hold a Naming Ceremony for a baby born within the family to welcome them or a family who have adopted a child may wish to celebrate this wonderful moment with a Naming Ceremony. 

Usually the parents or guardians stand before their family and friends to share their love and support for their child. They can also express their promises and commitments to them. Often Guideparents, Supporting Adults or Godparents are assigned to the child and express their connection, support and dreams for the child’s future. 

Symbolic elements are becoming increasingly popular at Celebrant Led Ceremonies and there are endless options. There are many already out there, but you could even create your own. Sand Ceremonies, Candle Lighting Ceremonies, Tree Planting Ceremonies are all beautiful options for this type of ceremony. Please see my Symbolic Ceremonies and Rituals page for more information. 

Re-Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony can also be a Re-Naming Ceremony for someone wishing to share their new identity with loved ones. This could be a name or identity change or a transgender celebration, for example.

The transition into this new identity can be challenging, it’s wonderful that people have this option available to celebrate them. Commitments can be shared and people can share their messages of love and support for the person being celebrated. There can be symbolic elements added into the ceremony and there are usually poems, readings or songs involved too. This is a unique ceremony to celebrate this person and therefore, the ceremony should reflect them and their journey.

Coming Out Ceremony

There are also Coming Out Ceremonies for people wanting to celebrate their sexuality with their loved ones who have supported them through the journey. As with a Re-Naming Ceremony the Coming Out Ceremony is to celebrate the person’s individuality and their journey to get to where they are today.

These celebrations also usually involve messages of love and support from loved ones, poems, readings and songs as well as symbolic elements. These Ceremonies can be absolutely beautiful and meaningful for all the people involved.

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Naming Ceremony package price is from £250.

This includes:

  • An initial consultation with me either in person or on Zoom/phone.
  • A questionnaire and meeting with me so I can get to know you further.
  • A professional, bespoke, personalised ceremony script written especially for you. This will include your personal story. I will liaise with you on this and make sure you are truly happy with it for your big day.
  • Inclusion of any religious, symbolic or ritual elements in your ceremony.
  • Communication to liaise about ceremony details.
  • I’ll officiate your ceremony and do my utmost to put you at ease.
  • If requested, a custom-made Naming Ceremony Certificate for you to commemorate your special day.

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